WoHo Listing Portal

AI-powered real estate listing portal


Reach a much wider audience

Reduced Admin Time and Costs

Easily Monitor and Manage Multiple Feeds

Maximum Market Exposure for Seller or Landlord Listings

Maximum Buyer and Tenant Leads

In brief:

It is an online platform to make it easier for buyers to find their next property without visiting the actual site.

Based on aggregated and anonymized data, from the portal activity, our AI Virtual Advisor provides specific recommendations to create a better advert and improve the chances of selling.

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Business Intelligence advice
Accurate suggestions to improve publications' engagement in the portal
Tailor-made data-driven reports
Portfolio optimization insights
Property comparison and custom scoring

Solutions for your real estate business

We offer a wide range of services tailored to your needs focused on enhancing the results of your real estate business

Virtual Reality

Offer virtual tours of your properties without the need for constant visits or your clients traveling to see the property

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